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A Unique Pastime Comes to the U.S.

In the April 1998 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine an article appeared with photographs of people engaged in Letterboxing on Dartmoor in the UK. It captured the imagination and fancy of many of us here in the United States. While small, it is an energetic and motivated group! New boxers appear often and boxes are being planted all over the country. Some visionaries see a vision of a box in all 50 states by the year 2000. I'm doing my part in Texas. Clues to letterboxes in the DFW area can be obtained by contacting me by e-mail: or by following the links on this page.

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Guestbook: Sign in please!

Sylvia, Sheila & Junanne Stamping Up After Finding Duck Creek Box #3

Garland, TX USA ---

Unfortunately, Duck Creek letterboxes 1, 3 & 4 have all disappeared! This is a very sad thing, but eventually they will be replaced. Meanwhile there is only ONE Duck Creek box currently hidden. Here is the clue for that one:

Letterbox 2 in Garland,TX USA

GPS Readings 32 degrees 57’10N 096 degrees 43’56W

* approx 1/2 mile walk from parking lot to letterbox * I’ve done what I can to be sure no poison ivy will get you as you seek the box, but avoid touching or brushing against any three-leafed plants just in case! There’s poison ivy all over the place (but not usually close to the trail).

DIRECTIONS: Take LBJ Freeway (635) to Garland. Exit at Oates Road, go east. At the traffic light at Duck Creek Drive turn left. Left again into the parking lot of Camp Gatewood (the street across from the entrance is Collingwood). Park your car (find shade if possible). Start your walk down the paved trail to the right of the Camp Gatewood sign. As the path winds away from the road you will see 3 large trees on your right. Keep walking. Go under the street overpass (admire graffitti). Go over a branch of the creek on a cement bridge with chain guard rails(completely dry the day I placed the box). Green bench on your left. Keep walking. At the second green bench, start counting your paces. Approximately 40 - 45 paces down the paved trail you’ll see an unpaved path on your right. Follow it to its end. Pile of white rocks on your left hides what you seek.

Box placed 9/28/98

Letterboxers have followed the clues to this page times.

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